Saturday, June 23, 2012

Now You See Me by Jane B. Mason and Sarah Hines

Abby and Lena are best friends who love thrifting together. When Lena finds an Impulse polaroid camera during one of their hunts, she can't wait to start taking pictures. As she and Abby experiment with the camera, the images convey a disturbing figure that seems to want something. Lena soon discovers that the camera belonged to a young man who died in a tragic accident. As each day passes, Lena begins to realize that the young man never left the camera, and he has unfinished business that he wants Lena and Abby to perform - either willfully or possessed.

My eight-year-old daughter chose this book for us to read together before bedtime. The basic premise of the book is interesting, and there are a few scary places, but the book mostly drags. In addition, the ending leaves too many loose ends that lead to the reader being completely dissatisfied. My daughter sums it up when she said, "They never explained whether or not Robbie was guilty. Plus, why was he on the tower in the first place? It's supposed to tell that stuff to make it better."

Too many holes and too little action makes this novel a disappointing read.  

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