Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Hannah Baker killed herself two weeks ago, and no one knows why. But, thirteen people are about to find out: thirteen people who unknowingly contributed to her death. 

Asher creates an eerie story of a girl crying out for help, and no one listening...until it's to late. As each person receives his package of tapes, Hannah's voice explains their part in the THIRTEEN REASONS WHY. 

Although I thought Asher's presentation of this sensitive topic was unique, the story dragged in a lot of places, and some of the "connections" were a stretch - as in, no logical connection. I agree that people need to be careful with their actions; in fact, I'm a huge advocate for anti-bullying, but, the way Asher executed this story, it came across that Hannah only saw what she wanted to see. As a result, she wasn't very likeable, and the reader had a hard time sympathizing with her, not a good thing if the author's trying to

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