Sunday, June 24, 2012

The She by Carol Plum-Ucci

Evan Barrett and his older brother, Emmett, grew up listening to tales of sea monsters and superstitions from their sea captain father. Therefore, when his parents went out for a simple voyage, and their cries of Mayday mix with the terrifying shriek of an unnatural being, Evan is convinced that the The She has claimed another set of victims.

Blocking out the events of that horrible night, Evan's memories flood back as he interacts with Grey Sheiley, a classmate who watched The She claim another victim. As they try to discover the fine line between fact and fiction, they develop a growing respect as well as the understanding of each other's personal demons. And, Evan finds out that with Grey, still waters run deep.

I had to work to read this novel. The cover was so cool that I figured it had to get better, but the reality is that it never did - "don't judge a book by its cover." The author took nearly 300 pages to get to any kind of action, and the love story was too contrived and predictable. In fact, the entire story was cliche and boring. Very disappointing.

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