Sunday, June 24, 2012

Timeless #1 by Alexandra Monir

Michele Windsor doesn't have a perfect life, but she has a good life with her single-mom, Marion, and close-knit friends in Los Angeles. Never meeting her father, Michele grew up knowing that her mother descended from wealthy, New York aristocratic parents who shunned her when she ran away with Henry Irving, a man beneath their social standing. Therefore, when a tragic event occurs, Michele finds herself being shipped off to live with these grandparents whom she's never met as well as consumed with a mysterious blue-eyed stranger who haunts her dreams. One night, while going through old, family articfacts, she finds a key that unlocks a door to the past. As Michele travels though time, she realizes the man in her dreams is real, and there are family secrets that people prefer to keep buried.

This was a really fun read. Since it's the first in a series, there wasn't a whole lot of resolution, but the author provided just enough suspense to keep the action interesting and moving. In addition, Monir did a good job of avoiding cliches and obvious events. There were a few spots where the story dragged, but it was to set up the context for the remaining books in the series.

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