Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tricks by Ellen Hopkins

Five teenagers. Five very different lives. Only one solution. Ellen Hopkins takes statistics about female prostitution, and weaves a tale of betrayal, hopelessness, and want. Each teen, through unforeseeable circumstances, finds themselves alone and unable to care for themselves. Some are tricked into prostitution by pimps masquerading as would-be saviors while others fall into it because they see no other choice. Some make it out; some can't walk away; and some disappear, but they all carry scars - deep, gaping scars that will never

Like all of Hopkins' books, this one provides a stark look at America's dirty-little-secret. People who like to pretend that prostitution is something limited to drug addicts and women who don't want to earn honest wages need to stay away from this book because it will shatter those stereotypical assumptions. Instead, it will show readers that their neighbors, friends, and even children could easily slip into the abyss and never claw their way out. Hopelessness has no bias, and if money is the root of all evil, then what's the big deal with turning a trick or two?

Powerful, powerful book. The main thing that people need to take away from this novel is to be less judgemental and more kind. When we see people in need, we should be good samaritans.

I will warn readers that there are multiple, explicit sex scenes. These are not glorified, nor are they presented to entertain the reader. They are meant to show the degredation of human decency when survival is all that is left.

**Mature readers only!**

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